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Базовые Артефакты Dota Allstars

Lesser Clarity Potion Lesser Clarity Potion восстанавливает 100 mana в течение 30 секунд (если герой атакован, то восстановление прекращается)
[1 заряд]

A live wisp is captured in each bottle. Regenerates 100 mana over 30 seconds when used. Dispels on attach.

Ironwood Branch Ironwood Branch +1 к strength
+1 к agility

+1 к intelligence

Wearing one of these ensures a Good Game. Increases all stats by 1.

Ancient Tango of Essifation Ancient Tango of Essifation восстанавливает 175 HP в течении 25 секунд, поедая деревья
[2 заряда]

Created by cannibals that went vegan. Allows the bearer to consume two trees, restoring 175 hit points over 25 seconds. 2 charges.

Flask of Sapphire Water Flask of Sapphire Water восстанавливает 400 HP в течение 10 секунд (если герой атакован, то восстановление прекращается)
[1 заряд]

A canteen full of the purest, bluest water. Heals 400 HP over 10 seconds on a friendly unit. 1 Charge.

Dispels on attack.

Scroll of Town Portal Scroll of Town Portal переносит к любому дружественному зданию
[1 заряд]

Transports you to a friendly structure. Makes target structure invulnerable to attacks.

Mantle of Intelligence Mantle of Intelligence +3 к intelligence

A dandy looking sapphire mantle; real hit this season. Increases Intelligence by 3 when worn.

Slippers of Agility Slippers of Agility +3 к agility

Light boots made from spider skin than tingles your senses. Increases Agility by 3 when worn.

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength Gauntlets of Ogre Strength +3 к strength

Deluxe version of Brass Knuckles. Increases Strength by 3 when worn.

Ring of Protection Ring of Protection +2 к armor

Due to its small size, many have troubles with putting it on. Increases the armor of the bearer by 2.

Circlet of Nobility Circlet of Nobility +2 к strength
+2 к agility
+2 к intelligence

An elegant circlet designed for human princesses. Increases all stats by 2.

Sentry Wards Sentry Wards ставит ward, показывающий крипов и героев поблизости (в том числе невидимых!) в течение 360 секунд
[2 заряда]

Drops a Sentry Ward which gives truesight, revealing nearby invisible units. Has very limited natural vision by itself. Lasts 6 minutes. Contains 2 charges.

Observer Wards Observer Wards ставит ward, показывающий крипов и героев поблизости в течение 360 секунд
[2 заряда]

Drops an Observer Ward to spy upon an area. Does not have True Sight. Lasts 6 minutes. Contains 2 charges.

Animal Courier Animal Courier может покупать, переносить и разбирать артефакты

Creates a small fast unit that can carry items to and from your base. If it dies the items will fall to the ground.

Stout Shield Stout Shield c вероятностью 40% блокирует 30 повреждений герою

One man's wine barrel bottom is another man's shield! Gives a 40% chance to block 30 damage.

Sobi Mask Sobi Mask +50% к скорости восстановления mana

A common mask used by Mages and Warlocks for various rituals. Increases the mana regeneration of bearer by 50%.

Ring of Regeneration Ring of Regeneration восстановление здоровья +2 HP в секунду

This ring is considered a good luck charm among the Gnomes, as it provides additional 2 hp per second regeneration.

Belt of Giant Strength Belt of Giant Strength +6 к strength

Stripped down from Titans fallen in War of the Magi, this enormous belt provides 6 bonus Strength to the bearer.

Boots of Elvenskin Boots of Elvenskin +6 к agility

A pair of boots often used for moonwalking. Increases Agility by 6 when worn.

Robe of the Magi Robe of the Magi +6 к intelligence

This robe corrupts the soul of the user, but provides 6 Intelligence points in return.

Boots of Speed Boots of Speed +50 к скорости (не суммируется с любыми другими сапогами или power treads-ами)

Generic sneakers, increasing movement speed by 50.

Gloves of Haste Gloves of Haste +15% к скорости атаки

A pair of magical gloves that seems to render weapons weightless. Increases the attack speed of hero by 15%.

Empty Bottle Empty Bottle пополняется водой из фонтана — восстанавливает 135 HP и 70 mana в течение 3 секунд (если герой атакован, то восстановление прекращается), может 2 минуты хранить в себе руну, после использования руны становится полной
[3 заряда]

A magical bottle that has survived through the ages. It can store healing water for up to 3 uses, each healing 135 hitpoints and 70 mana over 3 seconds. Alternatively, it can be used to capture magical runes for up to 2 minutes. If a rune is captured, it refills itself.

Chainmail Chainmail +5 к armor

A medium weave of metal chains. Adds 5 armor.

Blades of Attack Blades of Attack +9 к damage

A weapon of choice among sadists. Increases damage by 9 when worn.

Planeswalker's Cloak Planeswalker's Cloak урон от заклинаний на 15% меньше

A cloak made of a magic material that works to dispel any magic cast on it, granting the wearer 15% resistance to spell attacks.

Gem of True Sight Gem of True Sight показывает невидимых героев поблизости (выпадает при смерти, нельзя продать)

A crystal that grants the hero true sight, which reveals nearby invisible units. However, if the hero dies, the Gem is dropped.

Ring of Health Ring of Health восстановление здоровья +5 HP в секунду

A shiny ring found beneath a fat hafling's corpse. Provides 5 hit points per second regeneration.

Void Stone Void Stone +100% к скорости восстановления mana

A stone of seemingly endless inner power. Grants +100% mana regeneration.

Mask of Death Mask of Death 10% от наносимого противнику урона переходит в HP героя
[orb effect]

The phattest lewt, definitely. Grants 10% life steal.

Quarterstaff Quarterstaff +10 к damage
+10% к скорости атаки

Four of these form an ordinary staff, duh! Increases damage by 10 and attack by 10%.

Helm of Iron Will Helm of Iron Will +5 к armor
восстановление здоровья +3 HP в секунду

The helmet of a legendary warrior who fell in battle. Adds +5 armor and regenerates 3 hit points per second.

Energy Booster Energy Booster +250 к запасам mana

This artifact of the Kelani Magi is said to hold the power to make constructs out of pure energy. Grants +250 mana.

Ogre Axe Ogre Axe +10 к strength

You feel tougher just by holding it! Grants +10 Strength.

Blade of Alacrity Blade of Alacrity +10 к agility

A long blade imbued with time magic. Grants the bearer +10 agility.

Staff of Wizardry Staff of Wizardry +10 к intelligence

A powerful staff used by a fallen wizard. Grants +10 intelligence.

Vitality Booster Vitality Booster +250 к запасам HP

This artifact is said to grant immortality to the Chosen Ones. To all others, it gives +250 hit points.

Broadsword Broadsword +18 к damage

Any knight worth a damn should have one of these. Provides 18 bonus damage.

Point Booster Point Booster +200 к запасам HP
+150 к запасам mana

This mystic jewel increases the reservoir of points that a hero has available to it when carried. Grants 150 bonus mana and 200 hit points.

Plate Mail Plate Mail +10 к armor

Thick metal plates that protect the entire upper body. Avoid dropping on feet. Adds 10 Armor.

Claymore Claymore +21 к damage

A sword that can cut through armor, and still slice a tomato. Provides 21 bonus damage.

Javelin Javelin +16 к damage
при каждой атаке 20% шанс нанести дополнительно 40 damage

A rather typical spear that can sometimes pierce through an enemy's armor when used to attack. Increases damage by 16 and has a 20% chance to deal 40 bonus damage with each attack.

Mithril Hammer Mithril Hammer +24 к damage

A hammer forged of pure mithril. It's hammer time! Adds +24 Damage.

Hyperstone Hyperstone +55% к скорости атаки

A mystical, carved stone that boosts the fervor of the holder. Grants +55% attack speed.

Ultimate Orb Ultimate Orb +10 к strength

+10 к agility
+10 к intelligence

A mystical orb containing the essence of life. Increases all stats by 10.

Kelen's Dagger of Escape Kelen's Dagger телепортация героя на небольшое расстояние (90 mana, 30 секунд cooldown, 200−1200 range, 0.33 секунды cast time), нельзя использовать, если был получен урон в течении последних 3 секунд, не могут использовать Vengeful Spirit и Pudge

The fabled dagger used by Kelen, the fastest assassin ever to walk the lands of Azeroth. Allows the bearer to teleport up to 1200 distance. Cannot be used if you have been damaged in the last 3 seconds. Cannot be used by Vengeful Spirit or Pudge.

Demon Edge Demon Edge +36 к damage

A sword of a fallen general of a Demon Army, imbued with unholy strength. Adds +36 damage.

Mystic Staff Mystic Staff +25 к intelligence

Enigmatic staff made of only the most expensive crystals. Adds 25 Intelligence.

Messerschmidt's Reaver Messerschmidt's Reaver +25 к strength

A massive axe capable of tearing whole mountains down. Adds 25 strength.

Eaglehorn Eaglehorn +25 к agility

A swift, true-firing bow that almost aims itself. Adds +25 Agility.

Sacred Relic Sacred Relic +60 к damage

An ancient weapon, it's difficult to tell what Sacred Relic even is. Rumors say that it's a sword, granting +60 attack damage. Ouch!

Aegis of the Immortal Aegis of the Immortal выпадает из Roshan
воскрешение у фонтана
[1 заряд]

Roshan, the Immortal, was said to own a shield that protected him from death itself.

. . .
Cheese Cheese выпадает из Roshan 3-го уровня и выше
восстанавливает 2500 HP
восстанавливает 1000 mana
[1 заряд]

Restores 2500 hit points and 1000 mana.

. . .
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